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Cabana Concierge Pool Service

Cabana Concierge provides a number of services to maintain your pool at peak functionality. Among them are: 




Weekly Pool and Spa Maintenance-Clear pool area of loose debris, brush sides of pool. Skim, vacuum, balance chemicals, backwash filter, general inspection of equipment. Immediate email to client with a report and photo of your pool's status. A well maintained pool will stay clean, clear and have fewer repairs in the long run.


Equipment Repair/Replace-Diagnose and provide options for course of action. Expert installment of required equipment/parts for your pool, spa and water features. We handle Hayward, Jandy and Pentair equipment.

Liner Installation-We install Tara Liners, the finest in the industry. Precise measurements are taken to ensure a perfect fit for your specific pool. Expert installation. Replace white goods and gaskets.

Automated System Installation-Conveniently maintain pool functions from your phone such as running time, water temperature and water features. System installation. Connect system to WI-fi 

Seasonal Pool Open-Remove cover (if you have one). Open, inspect and test all equipment. Vacuum, brush and skim pool. Provide necessary chemicals for crystal clear water. Open water features where present. Install railings, ladders, etc.

Seasonal Pool Close-Clean pool, clear plumbing of water to prevent freezing and breaking pipes. Winterize water features and equipment. Remove railings and ladders. Cover pool.

Pressure Washing-We use high-pressure washers that clean and restore the look of the deck area around your pool. We do so in a manner to clean yet protect the finish of your decking.

Deck Furniture Sanitization-Spray and rinse your pool area and furniture with a fabric safe solution to sanitize and kill germs and/or bacteria to make your pool area safe and sanitized.

Pool Inspections-A pool inspection is imperative for individuals or real estate brokers involved in the process of purchasing a home with a pool. Especially for first time pool owners. A poorly maintained pool can be costly to new owners. An inspection will help to make you well-informed and will aid in the negotiation process for the final purchase price of your home.

Pool Covers-Tara covers are a high-quality product to protect your pool when it is closed for the season.

Acid Wash-We use an effective but safe formula to remove dirt and stains to renew the luster of your pool.

Lighting-Installation and repair/replacement of pool lighting fixtures. We provide standard, halogen and LED lighting. Also available are multi-colored lights with light show capabilities. 

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